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UNTDuct Polyurethane (PU) Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel with Smooth Aluminum Foil inside
The UNTDuct panel incorporates Polyurethane (PU) closed-cell foam, with embossed aluminum facing on both sides. UNTDuct PU pre insulated duct panels have an excellent insulation properties, lightweight material, and great durability. The UNTDuct PU System is widely used for the air distribution of central air duct system, which is one of the most advanced and energy-saving air duct systems.
External /Internal Use:
Panel Structure: Silver Alu. / PU Foam / Silver Alu.
Foam Density: 50kg/m3
Panel Dimension: 3950mm*1200mm*20mm
Alu. Foil: 80 Micron (Smooth)
Alu. Foil: 60 Micron (Embossed)
Specification of UNTDuct Polyurethane (PU) Foam Pre-insulated Duct Panel with Smooth Aluminum Foil inside
Item Unit Specification
Panel Structure  Alu./Foam/Alu.
Standard Panel Sizemm3950*1200*20
Embossed Alu. Foil Thicknessmm0.06
Smooth Alu. Foil Thicknessmm0.08
Foam Densitykg/m350
Thermal Conductivityw/m.k0.022
Compressing StrengthMpa0.2
Bending StrengthMpa2
Water Absorption%≤0.1
Dimension Change%0.3
Working Temperature℃-100 to +80
Maximum Allowable Wind Velocitym/s≤15
Continuous Running Maximum Temperature℃≤70
Lifespan of PU Air Ductyears>20
Advantages of UNTDuct Polyurethane(PU) Pre-insulated HVAC Ductwork:
1.Low thermal conductivity (0.022w/m.k) makes it the most thermally efficient, and hence the thinnest insulation product commonly used for pre-insulated HVAC ductwork.
2.Low ductwork air–leakage can yield significant electrical consumption savings because of reduced heating and cooling loads, and fan energy usage.
3.Weighs up to 72% less than ductwork constructed from GI makes it ideal for refurbishment projects, where existing building structures have insufficient load capacities for new service loads.
4.With anti-bacterial aluminum fo


fangyunyun: samsung screen replacement kit factory

1.Our History
Shenzhen universalbuying technology .,Ltd is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of Cell Phone & Tablets & PDAs Repair Parts and Replacements, integrating development and production together.
Our main products include replacement glass,complete digitizer assemblies and other phone&tablets repair accessories related products.
Our company was established in 2012, and we have 5 years of history in the phone&tablets repair accessories produce industry. Located in Shenzhen, which is the World Electronic Trading Center ,we enjoy convenient water, land and air transportation.
2. Our Factory
Our factory has a history of 4 years and it is located in Baoan,Shenzhen,Guangdong of China.The transportation is very convenient both by water and air.
It is coverd an area of 4.5 square kilometers,it has over 1000 works,who mainly produce Cell Phone & Tablets & PDAs Repair Parts and Replacements.The products are sold to worldwide.
3.Our Product
Mainly product including the following:
1.Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts:
a.Mobile Phone Batteries
b.Mobile Phone Touch Panel
c.Mobile Phone Touch Panel with Pre-Install frame
d.Mobile Phone Battery Cover
e.Mobile Phone optical clear adhesive
f.Mobile Phone polarizer film
2.Tablets & PDAs Accessories:
a.Tablets Touch Screen Panels
b.Tablets Batteries & Backup Power
3.Sports & Entertainment &Electronics:
a.Self Balance Scooters
b.Earphones & Headphones
c.Bluetooth Speakers
4.Product Application
Cell Phone & Tablets & PDAs Repair Parts and Replacements are widely used in the following :
1.Repair your broken, damaged, cracked, non-functioned  Cell Phone & Tablets & PDAs.
2.Assemble and renovate Cell Phone & Tablets & PDAs.
5.Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly


fangyunyun: buy Heavy Copper PCB

Welcome to Union Circuits -- Honest, Promises Kept, Reliable
Union Circuits is a professional Printed Circuit Board manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China. We focus on offering one-stop PCB solution services to our customers from all over the world, including quick turn Prototype, small to medium volume PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly services.
Founded in 2004, with more than 10 years effort, Union Circuits has becomes to a group company with 3 manufacturing facilities, one for high-mix, low volume and quick turn PCB Prototypes, another for medium volume productions, and one for flex circuits and rigid-flex circuits. With a total facility area of more than 30,000 square meters and 800 skilled employees working in two shifts, Union Circuits is able to produce 30,000 square meters printed circuit boards per month. Currently we have served thousands of high-tech companies, engineers and organizations from the US, European, and  some Asian-Pacific countries, market served including Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications, Computer, Industry control, Military, Aerospace etc.
Union Circuits is well-known for its reliability, on time delivery, competitive pricing, and excellent customer services. Our skilled staffs work closely with our customers to provide the best services we can. We would like to challenge and we are always trying our best to fulfill all our customers’ need.
Our products and services including:
l Rigid – 1~32 Layers including High Frequency & Heavy Copper PCBs.
l Flex – Single-sided, double-sided and 3~8 Multilayer flex circuits.
l Rigid-flex – Double-sided up to 16 Layers.
l Metal Core – 1~4 Layers Aluminum/ Copper/ Iron-base.
l HDI – 4~16 Layers 1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N3 and Any-layer HDI.
l PCBA – PCB Assembly, Components Sourcing and Laser Stencils.
Our goal is to become the world's leading supplier of high-mix, low volume multilayer rigid, flex and rigid-flex printed circuit bo


fangyunyun: street food box former

Profile of our company
We, Wenzhou unitely Industrial I/E co.,ltd , was set up by six different companies. By composing a group to combining our advantages, we have made our several series of machines to be at the leading position in China. After ten years of fast development, our export amount has achieved USD2,000,000 per year. Because of adopting advanced computer assisted tools and highly trained staff, our reaction to clients remain a very high speed. In addition to professional technologists, we could provide any customer a perfect service and technical support.
Products scope
I.die cutting and punching machines for cutting kinds of paper materials
II. disposable Paper products(carton ,food bag ,cups , plates )making machine
III.paper packaging machine
IV.carton box window patching machine
Environment advantage
We lies at Wenzhou, a southeast port of China, close to Shanghai. Our goods could be directly loaded in Wenzhou port or sent to Shanghai /Ningbo port , which will only takes 6 hours.
As one of the first open areas to the world, Wenzhou has a great deal of small/medium factories, and form into many series of professional production system, a lot of highly trained workers and technicians. All these make our prices of products could be more competitive than other areas and have high quality. We can also specially make products according to the detailed requirement of clients.
Our now and future
Innovation to satisfy different customers; Expertise to guarantee quality and services, which is our strategy to be successful in high competitive market.
Our goal is to greatly promote our products to worldwide market to establish good partners and agents for our long time and mutual benefits.street food box former


fangyunyun: best Panoramic Elevator

United Elevator —- the symbol of quality elevator, dedicated to the safe reach
United Elevator (Suzhou) Elevator Co., Ltd  is a Sino-america joint ventures invested by US Germany-America United Elevator Co., Ltd, and it is professional elevator corporation of R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance for elevator and escalator.
The elevator industrial park covers an area of 110 acres with the construction area of 53,000 square meters and project investment of 120 million RMB, it owns R & D center, modern production workshop, logistics center, elevator test tower, equipped with world-class advanced production equipment such as CNC laser machine, CNC bending machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC processing machine, etc. which fully realize the demand of high quality products.
The company adheres the talent concept of “knowing the people well and appointing them on their merits” and attracts practical talents all over the country, and Germany-America elevator dispatches excellent R & D and management personnel for full assistance to ensure the excellence of each stage such as product R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance.
The product system covers high speed elevator, small machine room elevator, machine roomless elevator,passenger elevator, observation elevator, home elevator, freight elevator, dumbwaiter elevator, car elevator, escalator / automatic sidewalk. High speed elevator can reach the speed of 8M/S, which has been widely used in large shopping malls, commercial buildings and high-end hotels and other places.
Advanced Germany precision quality assurance and innovative technology by the United States of Germany-America United elevator makes United Elevator on a high level of the market since its establishment. “The innovation of technology is just for the sake of more secure”, quality management is the foundation of the company. In the production quality and installation of after-


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